Payment Instruction

We only issue invoices via emails, the email addresses used for sending invoices should end with If you receive invoices from other email addresses or other means, or you are in doubt, you should check with us before making any payments.

Payment Objects

We DON'T accept credit card or cash payments.

We have ONLY one bank account for receiving customers' payments and the details are as follows. Please DO NOT PAY if the details on your invoice don't match below

Account Name: Master Logistics Pty Ltd
BSB: 032-060

Account Number: 530579

Bank: Westpac


Please use the Pay Ref on the invoice you received as the description or reference of your payment, this will help us to identify and allocate your payment. Any shipment delays or additional storage charges etc due to your delays of the payment or us being unable to allocate your payment due to lack of the reference will be your sole responsibilities and you will need to wear the additional costs.